Expat living the Swiss life.
Happy to share Swiss travel tips, events, and culture. Career in the Travel business in Hawaii, California and Switzerland. MBA from the Université 
 de Lausanne HEC and applied sciences university tourism marketing lecturer in Switzerland.

Swiss Alpine Club member


International Executive Hospitality Educator

Translator French-English

Published Travel Destination content writer

Published Travel Article Writer

Photo-Journalist International Press Association

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Cabane de La Neuve. Oil on Canvas by Sonja

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Analysis of how lifestyle small and medium sized hotels can benefit from lifestyle hotel consortia membership. Presented at EuroCHRIE Conference, Dubai, UAE, 13 October, 2008.


Branding: a hotel industry imperative? Decision-making considerations for European independent hoteliers. Presented at the International CHRIE conference, Philadelphia, July 2004.


Branding For Success. Presented at The European Hospitality Forum, IGEHO, Basel, Switzerland, 24 November 2003.





Sales and Communication for the Beijing Hospitality Institute, Seminar for general managers, and Marketing staff. 28-30 November 2010, Xiamen, China.


Branding for the Hotel Industry, LHC Executive Education Programme,  June 2006, Lausanne, Switzerland.



Branding for Small-Medium-sized Hotels, LHC Executive Education Programme,  July 2005, Lausanne, Switzerland.



Branding in the hotel industry: a strategic approach, for the Jin Jiang Hotel Group, Seminar for general managers, 8 – 10 September 2003, Shanghai, China.